The concept

letter from the designer —
I needed to go back to my roots because my father was very sick and I wanted to keep him alive. In Paraguay we are all “mestizos” and my father is no different, a wild mix of European and Indigenous. In search of my ancestors, I met the Maka. This noble community fascinated me.
I fell in love with the fabrics, the colors and their genuine and generous character. Seeing how much they struggle to earn and provide for their families, we created Antolina: a project to support these Indigenous communities and in turn to help me to preserve an important part of my personal history.
Antolina was my paternal grandmother’s first name and her personality and tenderness suffused my childhood. Antolina is a name that both evokes my origins and also gives an even deeper meaning to this project.
the atelier —
A small atelier was established thanks to the support of Giuseppe Baiardo who fell in love with the project too. At this atelier, older women from the tribe started to weave the collection using traditional methods, soon younger Indian women started to show an interest in learning this time-honored skill. This made me extremely happy.
I really hope you enjoy Antolina shoes as much as we enjoyed making them.
Mariela Montiel
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